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Meet The Team

Jeff Lonsbury

31 Years in the Industry
21 Years at J & J

Tina Lonsbury

21 Years in the industry
21 Years at J & J

Bruce Oakley

Service Manager
25 Years in the Industry
8 Years at J & J

Zach Lunn

Installation Crew
20 Years in the Industry
7 Years at J & J

Norberto Rodriguez

Installation Crew
6 Years in the Industry
6 Years at J & J

Joe Jordan

Service Technician
24 Years in the Industry
4 Years at J & J

Stephen Oakley

Installation Crew
3 Years in the Industry
2 Year at J & J
Ben HVAC Service Tech in Venice FL


Service Technician
 Years in the Industry
1 Year at J & J

Alicia White

Office Manager
7 Years in the Industry
7 Years at J & J

Kristin Wilson

2 Year in the Industry
2 Year at J & J

Interested in joining the J & J team?

We’re currently accepting applications for experienced HVAC Service Technicians.  Simply contact us at 941-485-2653, or fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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Email: jandjair00@gmail.com